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Custom Embroidery Uniforms And Branding

Benefits Of Branding With Custom Embroidery

  • Professional Look
  • People Appreciate The Extra Mile
  • Advertising
  • Separates You From The Competition

Professional Look

Having your employees wear whatever can be slightly dysfunctional and look disorderly, however having a set uniform can create a professional and clean appearance for the whole company. Using custom embroidery to stitch your company’s logo onto a polo, jacket, or t-shirt can really step your company’s appearance up. People seeing your brand in public on a uniform gives the appearance that your brand is ready to do business, and isn’t just a lowly run-of-the-mill company. Custom embroidery can be applied to practically any fabric, such as hats, backpacks, and more. With custom embroidery, you’re guaranteed to receive a few “oh, what does your company do?”

People Appreciate The Extra Mile

While it may not seem like it or not, potential clients genuinely appreciate the extra mile. Even if it may be as small as a logo embroidered onto your shirt, people like that you put care into what you do, and are proud of where you work. It gives the impression that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. Custom embroidered logos and prints appear to be higher quality than heat pressed t-shirts or no uniform at all. You give off the appearance as a company that knows how to get things done correctly.


You can’t expect people to ask for your business card if they don’t know what you do. With custom embroidery uniforms, you make the first step in intriguing them and making them interested in learning what you do. A custom embroidered logo on a uniform is more than “just a logo”. Rather, it transforms your uniform into a walking billboard. When your employees go to grab lunch or shopping after work, your logo is on display for all to see. You’ll catch glancing looks everywhere you look, along with a range of questions about what your business is, and potential future partnerships.

Separates You From The Competition

Your competition may have no uniform, but you’re better than them. You care about your company’s overall look and presence, inside and out of the office. Custom embroidery uniforms can be the added step that differentiates you from the competition. Every chance you get to one-up those battling for the same business, you take. With Caribbean Embroidery’s custom embroidery services, you’re guaranteed to stand tall on the winner’s podium.

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