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3D Puff Embroidery

What is Puff Embroidery, and how does it work?

Puff embroidery is a three-dimensional appearance in which the stitches are raised above the surface of the garment. Large expanses of plain block text or shapes work well. If you try to make puff work on very fine lines, it will almost certainly fail to impress. The foam beneath the stitches requires some breathing area to expand. In general, the area should be at least three times as wide as the estimated height. So, if you want it to stand up 2 millimeters tall, the stitch width must be 6 millimeters. We can push these boundaries a little further, but the effects will be unpredictable.


Combination of puff embroidery and flat embroidery.

Puff embroidery can be used in conjunction with flat embroidery for added dimension and a really interesting appearance. The “F” logo at the top of this article, for example, has a flat embroidered basis.

Where is Puff Embroidery most effective?

A ball hat is the most typical venue for puff embroidery. It’s a common sight on sports caps. It creates a fantastic layering look that everyone enjoys.

A toque is another location where puff embroidery may look fantastic. Because the knit fabric lacks the rigidity of a ball cap, you’ll have to keep it simple with a toque, but block lettering and simple shapes may make a statement. Take a look at the image below.


On a sweater, puff embroidery can be very cute. It has recently become a very popular trend among various women’s clothing businesses. An image of a snowflake that we stitched onto a hoodie is seen below. It has a fantastic three-dimensional design that truly pops. It’s easy to wear and doesn’t pinch or pucker after being washed.

Puff embroidery also looks great on aprons or jackets.  Any material that has some weight to it can support puff embroidery well and will give you a really great “pop” to your design.


How exactly is puff embroidery accomplished?

Here is a short video showing the process of puff embroidery.


When is it not a good idea to use puff embroidery?

Puff embroidery on a light-weight clothing will feel weird to wear in general. It is possible, but consider what it will be like when you put it on. A t-shirt with elevated, rigid writing might be unappealing. It might work if it wasn’t too big and was close to a seam, like the nape of the neck or a sleeve, but approach with caution.


Is Puff Embroidery more expensive?

Yes, there will be an additional cost for the foam in addition to our usual embroidery pricing. You can buy a puff embroidery project using our online system in the same way that you would any other embroidery job. Make a mention in the order comments box if you want your order to be fluff. We’ll do it.