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Caribbean Embroidery has added to its fine services the capabilities to now create Vibrant Looking Posters, Banners, Stickers, Wall Vinyl Coverings, Signs and Floor Decals.

We have the very latest technology Digital Equipment to provide your final product with the brightest and richest colors imaginable.

Stickers are the quickest and most cost-effective method to promote your company, product, or event, and Caribbean Embroidery is the simplest way to get bespoke stickers. Any artwork, brand, or photo may be turned into stunning vinyl stickers.


Photos & Resolution

Professionally made scans and digital photographs for brochures and adverts will usually work well in large format business poster printing. Uncropped 2 megapixel digital photos (1200×1600 pixels) can be printed up to 18×24 inches, while a 6 megapixel photo can be printed up to 30×40 inches. We recommend that you only use older 480×640 pixel photos for little photographs on your poster, as they tend to appear awful when printed larger than 8×10″.

To look good, photos should have a final resolution of 72 to 100 dpi. This translates to 1728×2592 pixels, or 4.5 megapixels, for a 24×36 poster. On your hard drive, a jpg of that size will take up around 1 megabyte. Windows will show you the pixel dimensions if you hover your cursor over the file name.

Moreover 100 dpi is unnecessary in our opinion, and it can eat up a lot of space on your hard drive! When printed, a 300 dpi image is nine times the size of a 100 dpi image, and you won’t be able to notice the difference.

If you have a hard copy photo, we recommend scanning it here because our equipment is calibrated to provide exact color reproduction. If you want to scan them yourself, send us tif or jpg pictures and use your scanner’s settings to get the pixels we require.

We will call you if we think there’s a problem with your images.


All font troubles vanish if you can create a pdf of your design. Make a pdf that says “for printing” and send it along. Nowadays, we print a lot of things using pdf files, and they function fine.

We have the typefaces that come with the programs listed. (See the list of software we support) If you can’t produce a pdf out of a font you bought somewhere else, provide the font file together with your software file. Converting your typefaces to curves in tools like Illustrator and Corel, which can accomplish this, is a tremendous assistance.

Web Page Capture

We can take a screenshot of your website and print it as a large-format poster in bright full color. Web page business posters are excellent for presentations and for showing clients or management when they come to your workplace. It’s really amazing to be able to view the complete Web Page at once! We’ll print the posters if you send us the URL. This is a fantastic approach for web page designers to showcase their work.

We’ll print whichever parts of your website you’d like. Because the length of the pages varies, we normally make the pages 36″ or 48″ long and let the width fall where it may.

Our turnaround time

We normally ship in 2-3 business days. Large orders (more than a dozen pieces), flatbed printing, and CNC cutting can take another day. If you are in a jam and need a job shipped same day, let us know. We can usually ship files received by noon our time. There is a 25% rush charge for business poster prints received after noon that must ship the same day.

Quality of our output

We use cutting-edge RolandDGA technology, and the results are spectacular! Smooth blends, crisp lettering, precise skin tones, and brilliant spot colors are all included. Normally, we print postscript output at a resolution of 600 dpi.

Digital Proof provided on request

If it makes you more comfortable, we’ll send you a 9×14 color proof of your business poster before printing, the charge is $45 which includes the DHL Shipping. We find that once you’ve seen our work, proofs are not usually necessary. When we are doing a large number of pieces, we’ll do one for approval before we do the rest, but it’s usually not worth it for single pieces. We stand behind our work, and will happily reprint it if there is a problem.

Types of files needed

Most programs’ PDFs operate perfectly well. Create a CMYK pdf with good resolution. We can get press-quality pdfs from newer Adobe products. You can also email the native file you prepared, as well as any associated files. Collect for output if you made the art with Corel or Quark. If we need to update something for any reason, having the native file allows us to do so.

How to submit an order

To place an order online, click the button on the right. If your files are less than 20 MB, you can email them to us. If your files are larger, use dropbox or wetransfer and send them to us. Send us an email to let us know you’ve left us a file, because we won’t know what to do with it unless you tell us! You’ll need to phone us at 786-732-7999. If you have numerous files, combining them into a single file makes things easier and saves space. Right-click>Send To>Compressed (Zipped) File on the PC. Control+click (or right click if you have a two-button mouse)>Compress on the Mac.



Vinyl stickers that are long-lasting and resistant to the elements.
Print bespoke stickers on excellent vinyl in any shape or size. Don’t be concerned about the quality or durability of the product. Our bespoke stickers are laminated to protect them from the elements such as wind, rain, and sunshine. They can even be washed in the dishwasher and come out looking fresh new.



The Quick Price Check on the right will price most jobs for you quickly.


Banners and Signs – Ordering Options

Large format printing is all we do. Review these online ordering options for everything from big checks, life-size cutouts to outdoor banners and signs… and more.

Research Posters“for medical and scientific poster sessions from PowerPoint and most graphic design programs.”

Trade Show Graphics“for brilliant graphics that attract customers to your booth”

Photo Enlargements“to dress up your space.”

Vinyl and Fabric Banners“for durable, vivid, sunlight and weather-resistant outdoor signs.”

Adhesive Backed Vinyl“for retail, bank signage, and vehicles..”

Other Posters & Displays“large format printing with choices of lamination and mounting on board to suit almost any need.”

Wallpaper“for custom-printed wallpaper.”

Flatbed Printing“print on a variety of surfaces.”

Banner Stands“for banner stands.”

Life-sized Cutouts“for life-sized cutouts from your photos.”

Big Checks“for big checks.”

Podium Signs“for podium signs.”


Large format printing is all we do.

We are deep in experience in this highly specialized field, and have knowledgeable people you can talk to about your job. We take pride in our workmanship, and guarantee your satisfaction. When you want it done on time, on budget, and beautifully, talk to us!

We are small enough to give your job the personal attention to be sure it’s done right.