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Embroider your logos in Unique places

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We are accustomed to embroidering logos in the places which are more visible: front side, normally on the left chest. However, today’s new trends permit us to play with various concepts with the placement of logos and corporate designs. If you want something more discreet, you can personalize your shirts with your business logo on the sleeve or on the lower front.

You can also use these locations to add further information about your company such as your website or email address. You can also innovate putting sophisticated details on your garment; for example, you can embroider the outline of your logo on the upper back. Although this location is not as visible as others are, it transmits a sense of originality and discretion.

You can also embroider your business logo on many other products. Personalizing your golf towels, caps, jackets, bags, beach totes, etc., are great ways to expose your logo and promote your business.

Now that you have more ideas about where to place your designs, you do not have to limit yourself with only one embroidered logo; for example, on your selected caps you can put your logo on the front, and your website on the side or the back with a slogan on the side.

For more information about branding and personalized products, you can contact us at 786-732-7999. We are located in Miami, Fl.


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